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    Questions about Target Oxbridge

    Q: Why should I apply to Target Oxbridge?
    A: The competition for places at Oxbridge is fierce, meaning any expert advice you can receive when applying is invaluable. Target Oxbridge will provide you with advice from people who have experienced the process already, and will develop the skills you will need to succeed in the process. Even if you don’t get into Oxbridge, the skills that you will gain on this programme will help you to succeed, whatever you go on to do.

    Q: How do you decide who gets onto the programme?
    We are looking for students that we think have the skills and the motivation required to get into Oxbridge. We will consider your academic record, your written skills, your ability to communicate ideas clearly and, most importantly, your motivation and passion for achieving your goals.

    These things will be assessed through an online application form and a telephone interview, which will involve either a discussion of an article or the completion of unseen problem solving exercises.

    Q: How much does Target Oxbridge cost?
    A: Nothing, it is completely free.

    Q: Will I have to take time off school to attend the workshops and sessions?
    A: No, you will not have to take time off school to attend the workshops and sessions. You will be able to arrange your meetings with your mentor at a time that is convenient for you. The workshops and sessions will take place during the holidays or in the evenings. You will always be informed well in advance of the dates and times of the sessions and workshops.

    Q: How much time will the programme take up?
    A: You will keep regular contact with the expert team of Oxbridge mentors based at Rare including the Target Oxbridge coordinator. During term time, contact will mainly be intermittent (or only when needed) over email or the phone, but during holidays – particularly the summer – when there will be many events, seminars and tutorials, activities will be scheduled based on the most appropriate times for the entire Target Oxbridge cohort.

    Q: What if I don’t get a place on Target Oxbridge?
    A: If you do not get a place on Target Oxbridge, do not let this discourage you from applying to Oxbridge. As we are only able to take on a small number of students, we know that there will be great students that we will not be able to take onto our programme.

    You should be able to get advice from your teachers at school if you decide to apply. Be sure to let them know in advance that you intend on applying to Oxbridge, so that they can help you along the way. Remember, the Oxbridge application process is different to that of other universities, so do your research by visiting the university websites.

    If your question still hasn’t been answered please send an email to Andi Marsh (targetoxbridge@rarerecruitment.co.uk).


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