1. Become a mentor

    Would you like to support Target Oxbridge by volunteering to become a mentor?

    Each year we pair each of our students with an Oxbridge student or graduate who has studied their chosen subject.

    The aim of the mentoring is to help the students develop their confidence and ability to discuss their chosen subject outside of their current curriculum. The mentoring discussions are similar to those that take place in Oxbridge interviews, tutorials and supervisions.

    We welcome people from all backgrounds and ethnicities to apply to be a Target Oxbridge mentor.

    How does the mentoring work?

    • You will be paired with a student applying to the course that you studied (or a similar one)
    • Between July and December, we will ask that you volunteer a minimum of five hours of your time to speak with your mentee about their chosen subject. You can of course spend more time speak with your mentee if you like!
    • Mentoring sessions can take place over the phone, over Skype or in person in a public place.
    • We will provide some guidance on the mentoring sessions, and safeguarding considerations.
    • We will ask that you provide your mentee with a mock interview.
    • If you enjoy the experience, we’ll pair you with another student for the following year!

    How do I sign up and what happens next?

    To sign up to become a mentor, please complete this form.

    Once we have a student to match you with, we will be in contact to discuss your availability and whether or not we need to carry out a DBS check.

    Once all of the checks are complete, we will pair you with a Target Oxbridge student!


    Become a Mentor

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